Rodgers Masterpiece 968

This Rodgers Masterpiece, model 968, features 76 stops, mechanical drawknobs, sub and super couplers in both the choir and swell divisions, and a customized specification. This Rodgers Opus 1655, built in 2008 in Hillsboro, Oregon. It can be seen by appointment at our showroom in Jessup, Maryland. The console is a medium oak outside with a dark oak interior, as pictured. The cost includes eight [...]

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Rodgers 955

The RODGERS 955 is a comprehensive 3 manual organ of 59 speaking stops and 21 couplers. Leading edge MIDI capabilities equip the musician with tools for performance of traditional music as well as contemporary selections. PDI technology is used to go beyond the artificial sameness of digital sampling to create the precise realism of a true pipe organ. The authentic voices can be individually tuned, [...]

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Rodgers Masterpiece 958 – Contract pending

This custom specification from 2007 features 54 stops and is prepared for the addition of pipes.  It can be installed with as few as 8 audio channels, or as many as 22 audio channels.  The console was finished in a rich cherry on oak, as pictured. $49,500, with eight channels of audio, installed in our major market area. A three year warranty is included if [...]

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