Used Allen AP-40

This three manual organ in walnut finish was one of the Allen Organ Company's most popular models.  This 53 stop organ comes with six channels of audio.  For large rooms, two additional subwoofers and six additional manual cabinets are also available.  Stoplist is similar to Allen's new GX-340, but with the addition of sub and  super couplers in the swell.  Cost includes delivery and most [...]

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Rodgers Four Manual Custom Masterpiece Organ

This organ was installed in a private residence in 2008 with 10 audio channels.  The large, custom specification includes 28 celeste ranks, as well as sub and super couplers in the choir and swell divisions.  It features a light oak exterior and contrasting dark oak drawknob jambs.  The audio can be expanded up to 28 tone cabinets for installation in a large building. The owner [...]

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Klann pipe organ console

Perfect for that Hauptwerk project you will start yet never complete.  This beautiful three manual mahogany console has 64 drawknobs and 19 rocker tablets.  It has a robust adjustable bench and a 32 note AGO pedalboard with walnut sharps, as pictured. Can be viewed in our warehouse by appointment.  Delivery and shipping are extra. Please note, this is only an empty pipe organ console.  It [...]

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