Rodgers 730 two manual console and audio

This Rodgers 730 is a large, complete 2 manual specification, perfect for a small to medium size church on a budget.  It comes with 6 channels of external audio, expandable to 8 channels. Built in 1993, the console features split expression, crescendo pedal, toe studs, MIDI implementation and sub and super couplers in the swell. The console has a dark walnut finish. $9,900, includes a [...]

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Rodgers 795

Rodgers 795 Built in 1999,  this Rodgers two manual organ has 33 Primary Stops + 12 Voice Palettes.  The two expression shoes can be configured as split expression, or swell expression with a crescendo pedal.  It has  a light oak oak finish with dark oak inserts.  All drawknob lights have been upgraded to LEDs. If sold in our major market area, it comes [...]

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