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Rodgers Trillium 957

This Rodgers organ was installed by us in 2001 and has an excellent service history.  It comes with ten channels of external audio, suitable for a small to medium size church.  It can be expanded to as many as twenty audio channels for a large church.  The outer cabinet is a light oak, with a dark oak interior, as pictured.  Delivery and most installations are [...]

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Rodgers Artist 599

This comprehensive 49 stop three manual organ is just three years old, and in medium oak finish.  Although originally installed in a home with internal audio, we are bundling it with eight channels of new amplifiers and speakers for installation in a medium size church.  The software in these organs allows this model to be configured for 2 internal channels, 2 - 20 external audio [...]

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Allen MDS40S Drawknob Organ

This Allen organ dates from about 1992 and is in walnut finish.   It comes with four external audio cabinets.  It has been thoroughly tested, and comes with a one year warranty if purchased in our major market area. $22,700 includes most deliveries in our major market area. Complete Information is here:  MDS40SOwnersManual

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Baldwin Semi-Concert Grand SF

This seven foot, 1992 Baldwin piano was the late Bob Daffer's personal home piano.  It has been lovingly maintained and has the rich, deep tone associated with the American made Baldwin pianos of this vintage.  It is in our showroom in Jessup, Maryland.  Delivery and setup are by quotation.  Shipping is also possible. $20,000 -

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Used Allen AP-40

This three manual organ in walnut finish was one of the Allen Organ Company's most popular models.  This 53 stop organ comes with six channels of audio.  For large rooms, two additional subwoofers and six additional manual cabinets are also available.  Stoplist is similar to Allen's new GX-340, but with the addition of sub and  super couplers in the swell.  Cost includes delivery and most [...]

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Klann pipe organ console

Perfect for that Hauptwerk project you will start yet never complete.  This beautiful three manual mahogany console has 64 drawknobs and 19 rocker tablets.  It has a robust adjustable bench and a 32 note AGO pedalboard with walnut sharps, as pictured. Can be viewed in our warehouse by appointment.  Delivery and shipping are extra. Please note, this is only an empty pipe organ console.  It [...]

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Carnegie Hall debut of the new Rodgers Organ

We were cleaning out some old files, and found a copy of the October, 1974 Carnegie Hall On Stage magazine.  It lists the debut concert of the five manual Rodgers custom organ given by the late Virgil Fox, as well as an article by the late Leonard Raver detailing the organ and its selection process. Carnegie Hall debut of the Rodgers custom organ  

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Ken Brown – 2007

This unpublished piece, Ding Dong Merrily on High, was given to Ken Brown by the late Keith Chapman. This cut is from the Cathedral's CD "Sweet Little Jesus Boy" and is played on the Cathedral's Rodgers/Moller organ. Specifications of this organ can be found under the Featured Installations section.

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