The English Pipe Organ

Makin Organs are designed and built by organists for organists for use in homes, churches, crematoria, churches and cathedrals. If you like the sound of an English pipe organ, you will love the sound of a Makin.

Makin was founded in 1970 by John Pilling when it acquired part of Compton Organs Ltd and continued with the innovation started half a century earlier.  Since then Makin has built and maintained an excellent reputation for supplying organs of the highest quality and providing a caring relationship with customers once the organ has been built and installed. Indeed the majority of new installations are as a result of recommendations from satisfied customers. Makin continues to offer a complete service to its customers employing enough staff to cover the whole country. From the initial digital sampling of organ pipes to the final installation and ongoing after sales service work, Makin experts are on hand to ensure that the organ is installed, voiced and cared for thereafter in an efficient and professional manner.

Featured Models in Our Showroom


Having a high quality sixteen-channel audio system (14.2 configuration) this is the ideal three manual English organ for a great many situations. Combined with a UL speaker system it delivers realism and power in churches, chapels, halls and crematoria, whereas with a smaller system, which can easily be floor or wall mounted, it is the perfect instrument for home practice. As ever, we use one speaker per amplifier so this instrument containing a generous set of sixteen speakers for forty five speaking stops has a ratio of just over three stops per speaker, putting it in the exceptionally high quality range of sound.

Of course the crowning glory of the ‘Windermere’ is that it is voiced in its various configurations to a very high standard by Professor Ian Tracey of Liverpool Cathedral. Ian has been involved in the design process including specification and choice of the most appropriate samples to use from our vast library to deliver that very special sound of a true English organ.