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All Pre-Owned Organs are available to see, hear, and play by appointment.

Allen MDS51S

This 25th anniversary model from Allen was built in 1997.  It features upgraded walnut drawknobs, keyboards, and pedals.  It has six channels of audio and can come with an optional antiphonal set of audio. This organ has had gentle home use - it was traded in for a new Johannus LiVE. $31,700 includes most deliveries and installations in our major [...]

Rodgers Trillium 927

This comprehensive three manual organ was built in December of 2004 and includes eight channels of audio.   Audio can be expanded to 12 channels, or doubled for large rooms.  It is finished in #82 dark oak. $21,700 includes most deliveries and installations in our major market area. A complete stoplist is here. Rodgers Trillium 927 ? [...]

Rodgers 795

Rodgers 795 Built in 1999,  this Rodgers two manual organ has 33 Primary Stops + 12 Voice Palettes.  The two expression shoes can be configured as split expression, or swell expression with a crescendo pedal.  It has  a light oak oak finish with dark oak inserts.  All drawknob lights have been upgraded to LEDs. If sold in our [...]

Johannus Vivaldi 370

This Vivaldi 370 is seven years old, and includes an upgraded, adjustable music desk, and upgraded expression shoes.  It has a dark oak finish, seven channel self-contained audio and headphone jack for the ultimate home organ experience. It includes a three year parts warranty, one year labor warranty, and delivery within our market area. $20,500 Product Brochure

Allen L11 home practice organ

This Allen Bravura L11 home practice organ was purchased new in 2018 for $26,000.  If features an AGO pedalboard, split expression and the Allen console controller system. It is on offer for $16,200, including delivery and a one year warranty in our major market area. A video demonstration is here.  

Rodgers 955

  This RODGERS 955 is a comprehensive 3 manual organ of 59 speaking stops and 21 couplers. This organ features a medium oak case with dark walnut inserts, and wood core Laukhuff German keyboards, as pictured.  In addition to the large specification, the organ has sub and super couplers in both the swell and choir divisions.  Built in 1993, this [...]

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