BJ Lawrence, Music Director First Christian Church, Farmville, NC

"I must admit that I was more interested in speaking with your leading competitor, as I was more familiar with their current offerings. After attending two demonstrations from both companies, I am not sorry to say that my entire attitude was changed. There is just a difference between the color and clarity of the Rodgers Organ over what we heard from your competitor. We know [...]

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Shirley Keiter, Organist, Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, Ambler, PA

"I wanted to extend my thanks to you and the Daffer family for the wonderful installation of our new Rodgers Masterpiece with pipe interface. Our congregation and worship leadership have been excited to hear the new sounds surrounding them in worship. They’ve always been a singing congregation, but now they’re singing with gusto! I continue to enjoy discovering the capabilities of the instrument, including the [...]

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John Eriksson, St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Silver Spring, MD

"Per your request, please find the photo of you, Pr. Michael, and Steven Seigart taken at the Organ Inauguration Concert at Saint Stephen Lutheran Church in Silver Spring last evening. I also included two other photos, one of Steven performing and the other a partial view of the audience as Steven was explaining a number he was about to play.  We are all thrilled with [...]

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