I received my Johannus Vivaldi 370 organ in late October 2020, after its long overseas journey from the Netherlands.  My decision to get a Johannus organ resulted from consultations with organist associates.  I was also intrigued by the brochure which describes the Vivaldi as “continuing where the pipe organ leaves off,” and the ad is spot on!  Three manuals with the four expression shoes, along with the AGO pedalboard, were a must.  I also wanted the ebony/oak (“wood covering with wood core”) keyboards for their “tracker touch”, reminiscent of several of the historic Moravian built organs in Winston-Salem.  The touch of these keyboards is marvelous and instantly comfortable.  Overall, my Vivaldi feels a lot like two organs I regularly practice in town, and now I have my own at home!

Ever since beginning to play the organ at age 12, my goal has always been to be able to “play professionally” but not to pursue becoming a “professional organist.”  Thus by choice I have reserved my organ playing to substituting at area churches periodically, playing for weddings, and the occasional recital.  Recently retired, this goal continues, but now I have the time to prepare at home for services and events and learn pieces I never had time to learn in my 40-year business career.  My Johannus Vivaldi organ makes all this possible, with an instrument that truly, as the brochure says, “brings the experience of the pipe organ right into the living room.”

Paul F. Knouse, Jr.
Winston-Salem, NC