April 4, 2019
Dear customers, users, dealers and/or organ enthusiasts, The Global Organ Group, a Group solely focused on building four of the finest digital pipe organ-based brands – Johannus, Rodgers, Makin and Copeman&Hart – has made a next step in servicing the organ market in the United States. The Global Organ Group has an immense passion for the authentic pipe organ sound, and for decades, has been dedicated to translating this sound into high-quality digital organs in the entry, middle and top segments of the market. After adding Rodgers Instruments US LLC to the Group in January 2016 and the continuance of the developing and manufacturing of these premium quality American instruments in Hillsboro, Oregon, it is time to combine the established dealer network of Rodgers and Johannus in the United States. Effective immediately, these dealers in the US will represent the 4 Global Organ Group brands: Johannus, Rodgers, Makin and Copeman&Hart. The Global Organ Group strongly believes that we can serve every organ style with a strong multi-brand professional dealer network that is able to offer a  variety of features and organs to meet any customer’s needs. Each of the four brands has its own unique identity, based on history, sound, diversion in features, appearance and lay-out, built with high-end state-of-the-art technology. This means that all our dealers can now meet any desire or wish a customer has from a single home instrument to the most beautiful complete digital installation and hybrid solution. Dealers will be trained on a regular basis on specific items of each of the brands to  give the best possible advice and direction to customers. Brand identity will remain the Global Organ Group’s primary focus knowing that the unique  recognizable identity of each brand is key for the Group’s continued success. We encourage you to reach out to the dealer in your territory, found on each individual brand’s website, and learn more about the instruments and solutions available. Without any doubt they will be able to get you the organ solution you are looking for.

Global Organ Group
By providing plenty of freedom for authenticity and identity, by always placing
innovation within the valuable context of a rich tradition, and by investing nonstop
in technical research and development, the Vandeweerd family has made
each of their companies into a solvent, modern organization where craftsmanship
and purity continue to set the tone.