Congratulations to Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Woodstock, Virginia the proud owners of a new Makin 2-30D. Our representative, David Lang handled the sale, delivery, installation, and tonal finishing for this installation. 

Why did they choose a Makin?

Organist/Choir Director Linda Beville listed the top 6 reasons:

  1. Quality sound samples
  2. Specification with enough breadth to support a variety of literature
  3. Exceptional construction quality 
  4. Hand-crafted consoles at economic cost
  5. Progressive research and development which provides State-of-the-Art electronics
  6. For a church with a limited budget, all of needs were met in this very fine instrument.

“Another deciding factor in choosing the Makin organ and Daffer as its representative was your skill (David Lang) in voicing the organ and your exceptional talent as a performing recitalist. Voicing a digital organ is as time consuming and important as for a pipe organ. Anything I could say would underestimate the appreciation I have for the multiple times you came to adjust the voicing, to balance it, and to adjust to make the correct acoustical fit for our small sanctuary. Finally, at the June 10th dedicatory recital, you impressed everyone with your repertoire and, for me, I was impressed with how you adapted the registration requirements for a two manual organ.” ~ Linda Beville

Contact David Lang to see, hear, and play this beautiful instrument!