Virgil Fox – 1976

This unreleased, live recording made by Virgil Fox on September 19, 1976 on the Royal V Rodgers Touring organ was given to us by the late Ted Alan Worth. He performs Bach’s Fugue a la Gigue before an audience of about 6,000 in San Francisco.

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Richard Purvis – 1969

Richard Purvis (1913-1994)is heard playing a Rodgers that was installed at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, during their pipe organ renovation in 1969. He is playing his composition "Les Petites Cloches".

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First Rodgers Organ – 1959

This archival recording features Franklyn Butte, organist, playing Rodgers Opus 1 at the organ's dedication in 1959. Halfway through, the recording morphs into a 1995 Rodgers Digital Organ.

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