Johannus Opus 30

This three manual home practice organ was built in 2005.  It features a 32 note AGO pedalboard, four channel internal audio system, American Classic and Baroque sample sets, and a headphone jack. Delivery and a one year warranty is included in our major market area. $14,500 A complete specification is here:   Johannus opus 30   The Johannus opus 30 has 14 toe studs, [...]

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Allen MDS51S three manual organ

Originally installed in 1996, this three manual Allen organ features six external audio channels, a large specification, MIDI expander and console controller.  Cost includes a one year warranty, delivery and a typical chamber installation within 100 miles of our Jessup, Maryland store. $29,500 Owners manual and specification is here: mds51s ? Six audio channels should be chamber installed Great and [...]

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