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Our Customers Speak

September 25, 2015

"I was very pleased with the organ (For the Papal Mass in Washington, DC). "

"We were delighted with your team and found the organ to be exactly what we were hoping for to provide an essential musical element to the celebration.

I hope to work with you again sometime soon.  I will certainly recommend your team when the need arises."

Thomas Stehle
Pastoral Associate for Liturgy
Director of Music Ministries
Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle, Washington, DC

June 29, 2015

"Per your request, please find the photo of you, Pr. Michael, and Steven Seigart taken at the Organ Inauguration Concert at Saint Stephen Lutheran Church in Silver Spring last evening. I also included two other photos, one of Steven performing and the other a partial view of the audience as Steven was explaining a number he was about to play.  We are all thrilled with the organ. Thank you for the indispensable role you played in the process!"

John Eriksson, St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Silver Spring, MD. 

 "The completed Wicks/Rodgers organ has surpassed all of our expectations.  There is no piece of organ literature that cannot be played on this instrument. The digital stops complement the existing pipework, making the end result a truly magnificent sound.”

Jeff Bunn
Director of Music Ministry
Saint Michael's Lutheran Church
Perry Hall, Maryland

Dear Al,

"I am writing to say what a pleasure it is to have the two brand new organs installed at both of our churches here at Immaculate Conception Parish. With your willingness to help us meet our needs as a salesperson, as well as the very capable work done by your installers, both projects could not have been more successful! I am proud to wholeheartedly recommend this new technology to any religious community seeking a new organ for their worship space."

Mike Bareham
Director of Music Ministry
Immaculate Conception Parish
Elkton, Maryland
April 15, 2011

Dear Ken,

"I have to tell you I am in love with the new organ. Thank you for all you've done to get the organ configured and installed and for the best Christmas present I've ever received!"

Linda Custer, Organist
Poolesville Memorial United Methodist Church
Poolesville, MD
December 20, 2010
Rodgers Masterpiece, Opus 2427

Dear Ken,

"I wanted to extend my thanks to you and the Daffer family for the wonderful installation of our new Rodgers Masterpiece with pipe interface. Our congregation and worship leadership have been excited to hear the new sounds surrounding them in worship. They've always been a singing congregation, but now they're singing with gusto!
I continue to enjoy discovering the capabilities of the instrument, including the antiphonal organ, the voice palette, and record/playback. The console is comfortable, and the tracker-touch and PerformanceTouch keyboards are easy to play. Now I have to try out the MX-200! We're also exploring ways to use the organ as a part of the praise band at the non-traditional services.
We set out to install an organ that would support and lead congregational song, accompany the choir, handle the literature written for it, and provide a useful way to enhance the praise band. Opus 2362 does all that splendidly!
Again, many thanks to the Daffer family for their professionalism and skill in the journey that culminated in the premier of the instrument in worship for the first Sunday in the fall season of 2010."

Shirley Keiter, Organist, Upper Dublin Lutheran Church, Ambler, PA
Rodgers Masterpiece Opus 2362
September 22, 2010

"Ladies and Gentlemen, a very good evening. It is wonderful to be with you today to celebrate this marvelous new instrument for your church. It is amazing how the increase of excellence of these digital organs seems to be on an exponential curve.... It has been for me a lot of fun to explore this instrument over the last 24 hours and you will hear during the course of the evening some really remarkable sounds"

David Briggs, Concert Organist, at the dedication recital, St Martin of Tours, Gaithersburg, MD
Rodgers Masterpiece Opus 2235
September 8, 2010

"We are delighted by this instrument. It is perfect for our sanctuary and we owe a debt of thanks to Steve McBride for directing our long-range planning/organ committee in guiding us in its purchase and installation."

Brenda Gindin, Marshallton United Methodist Church
Rodgers Masterpiece Opus 2072
October 26, 2009

"Today's organ dedication is the culmination of many prayers and as the psalmist said, "It feels like a dream". I want to give special thanks to Ken Brown and the R.A. Daffer Church Organ Company for their work in acquiring and installing the organ. They made what could have been an arduous process effortless."

Dr. Earl D. Trent, Jr.
Senior Pastor, Florida Avenue Baptist Church
Washington, DC
Rodgers Masterpiece Opus 1392

“On behalf of Westwood Baptist Church, I would like to say 'thank you' for the excellent service we have received from you and your technicians. There has been a great sense of service from you and those that installed and voiced our Rodgers... I am happy that we have the relationship we have with you and I look forward to many years of customer relationship with you and your team.”

Rev. Caroline Allen, Minister of Music
Westwood Baptist Church
Cary, NC

“Thanks to you and your crew for bringing me this glorious instrument! It is terrific. Thanks for your help and advice, I’m really happy Bill suggested I contact you.”

Tommy Southall - 2007
Rodgers Insignia

“Our organ committee looked at four different brand names of organs. To make a long story short, we purchased a Rodgers from Al Murrell at R.A. Daffer Church Organs. We were impressed with the instrument, the technology, and Al's concern for the proper installation and placement of speakers for our sanctuary. What a joy to play this fine instrument!”

Gwen W. Oakley, Organist and Choir Director
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Burlington, NC
Rodgers Trillium

“I must admit that I was more interested in speaking with your leading competitor, as I was more familiar with their current offerings. After attending two demonstrations from both companies, I am not sorry to say that my entire attitude was changed. There is just a difference between the color and clarity of the Rodgers Organ over what we heard from your competitor. We know that we have made the right choice and would be thrilled to highly recommend you and your company to any congregation!”

BJ Lawrence, Music Director
First Christian Church
Farmville, NC
Rodgers Masterpiece, Opus 668

“I also want to thank you and Daffer Organs for the level of service that you have provided us… We are really pleased with both the installation and our working relationship and look forward to a long-term, healthy partnership. Thank you for all the hours you have invested in our organ.”

the Rev. Ron Foster, Pastor
Bethesda United Methodist Church
Bethesda, Maryland
Rodgers Masterpiece, Opus 646, 2006

"I am the organist who has the privilege of playing this wonderful instrument each week. It is absolutely impossible to tell the music this organ makes is being produced by digital samples and not by real pipes. EVERYTHING about the sound is SO REAL!"

Todd Benner, Organist
Avenue United Methodist Church, Milford, DE
Rodgers Masterpiece, Opus 331, 2005

“After playing a modest size leading-name pipe organ for thirty years, I find as much or more joy and satisfaction with the new Rodgers/Ruffatti instrument. The congregation loves the new instrument and applauds every Sunday after the Postlude”

Alvin (Ted) Gustin, Organist
Our Savior Lutheran Church
Arlington, Virginia
Rodgers Masterpiece, Opus 104, 2005

“Again, please accept my gratitude for a job well done! Any prospective client interested in purchasing a Rodgers organ is welcome to contact me about Saint Matthew’s experience”

Mark Hurley, Organist
Saint Matthew's Lutheran Church, Baltimore, MD
Rodgers Trillium, 2004

“I couldn’t be more pleased…. Its tonal superiority is matched only by its structural and mechanical integrity and reliability. Rodgers is truly the leader in the digital organ world”

Keith D’Anna, Director of Music Ministries
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Vienna, Virginia
Rodgers Trillium, 2004

“It has been a pleasure working with you and I know our relationship with Rodgers and Daffer will continue into the future as I get more training the wonderful instrument we purchased.”

Gay Trotter, Minister of Music
Orange United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Rodgers Trillium, 2004

“The Rodgers Organ is a dream to play. The keyboard touch is perfect. I am pleased that the congregation has chosen this solution to having an organ in the church”

Tom Beveridge, Director of Music
Western Presbyterian Church
Washington, DC
Rodgers Trillium, 2004

“This new organ has completely changed the way they sing the same hymns they have sung for over sixty years in that building. (My congregation’s) enthusiasm knows no limits”

Ben Davis, Organist
Christadelphian Chapel
Catonsville, Maryland
Rodgers Trillium, 2003

“We are more than willing to show off our instrument to any church group who is looking. I hope we might inspire another church toward a Rodgers. We are so thrilled with ours”

Deb Kelleher, organist/choir director
Shavertown United Methodist Church, Shavertown, PA
Rodgers Trillium, 2002

“I want to thank you for the fulfillment of all we could have asked for in re-creating our organ. If you ever need any recommendation for work by you and Daffer, all you need to do is call. It was such a pleasure to deal with you.”

Betty Buchanan, Director of Music
Riverside Baptist Church, Washington, DC
Rodgers Trillium, 2001

“The new organ is great! Thanks for going above and beyond.”

Debbie Watson, Minister of Music
All Saints Episcopal Church
Sunderland, Maryland
Rodgers Trillium, 2000

“Thanks for everything Daffer has done – and continues to do – to give us a priceless instrument that blesses our worship services each week. The new Rodgers organ that has combined traditional pipes with electronic sounds, is a tremendous blessing to our church’s worship.”

Kermit Netteburg, Associate Pastor
Sligo Seventh Day Adventist Church
Takoma Park, Maryland
Rodgers Custom four manual organ, 2000

“Everyone is pleased with the organ, even those who weren’t behind the project during the process. Your company has an outstanding product and is first class to work with. Many, many thanks to you.”

Connie Houtz, Organist
Bethel Lutheran Church
Manassas, Virginia
Rodgers Trillium, 2000

“The congregation of New Hope Presbyterian Church wished to thank you and the entire R.A. Daffer organization for your help in the purchase and installation of our Rodgers digital electronic organ. With your help, our sanctuary is now filled with a well balanced, highly musical, glorious sound that is virtually indistinguishable from a pipe organ. We could not be more pleased with the service your have given us.”

Fred Hill, Chairman, organ search committee New Hope Presbyterian Church
Rockville, Maryland
Rodgers Trillium, 1999

“The installation in January 1999, and its musical results, have drawn a continuing stream of admirers to the organ loft over the past two months, not only from within our congregation, but from around the Washington area by clergy, musicians, and friends who cannot believe that what they are hearing is large pipe organ without pipes… I’m happy to share our experience with others that may be going through the same process we just completed. Many thanks to Ken Brown and your colleagues at Daffer Church Organs, and I especially thank you for never making a derogatory comment about (another organ brand). You let the excellence of sound and construction of your organs speak for themselves.”

Walt Rossbach, Minister of Music
Christ the King Lutheran Church
Great Falls, Virginia
Rodgers Trillium, 1999

“I know that I can speak for Monica Otal, the Organ Search Committee and the Fund Raising Committee when I say that we are deeply appreciative of the manner in which every phase of the acquisition of this now organ was handled. Let me just say on a more personal note that I was very impressed with the whole operation, and actually was fascinated to be around when the new organ was installed. It was fun!

R. Kay Barger, Pastor
Glenmont United Methodist Church
Glenmont, Maryland
Rodgers Trillium, 1999

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